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SSD-based RDX Media
Fast Storage Device for Big Data Transfer

SSD-based RDX Media

Overland Storage Products
RDX Media
SSD Based RDX 256GB
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SSD Based RDX 128GB
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RDX Media
Rugged, Reliable, Removable

The Overland-Tandberg RDX® technology is a disk-based removable media storage system which offers random access performance and high transfer rate like disk along with the archive life, removability, portability and cost benefits of tape. RDX is the best of disk and tape combined and consists of a drive and removable disk media.

High reliability and easy handling

The Overland-Tandberg RDX media offers a rugged design for maximum data protection and secure handling. The media is well suited for data protection and archiving. It has an electrostatic proof design and is drop protected. New media types have to pass RDX quality tests before they are introduced to the market. This ensures high quality, reliability and durability. The media is keyed, so it is not possible to insert it into the drive in a wrong direction. A write protection switch prevents from deleting or overwriting data.

HDD and SSD versions

The RDX Media is offered in different versions to satisfy various business needs. The HDD-based media is suitable for most backup, archiving and storage tasks. It is available with capacities from 500GB up to 5TB. The SSD-based version fulfills high performance requests and is ideal for data storage and data exchange of big datasets. Its high transfer rate of 330MB/s ensures fast write and read operations. SSD media is ideal for very rough environments, humidity and vibration.

WORM for compliance archiving

RDX WORM media meets an expanded set of regulatory compliance requirements and is ideal for use with a large number of archiving applications, like enterprise content management and document management systems, where data must not be deleted or overwritten. WORM is a software based solution and is available for HDD media up to 4TB.

Protection against Malware Attacks

The RDX RansomBlock feature secures backups on RDX media against virus and ransomware attacks and ensures full recovery in case of infected data and blocked computer systems. The RansomBlock functionality sets all data on the RDX WORM media into a read-only mode. In addition, it allows write operations to RDX media for granted applications and processes.


RDX TENCASE is the ideal solution for transportation and longterm safe-keeping of up to 10 RDX media. RDX TENCASE is a rugged case, which withstands drops, dust and harsh environments. It is water-resistant and can be secured with two padlocks for theftprotection of critical data.

SSD-based RDX Media
Fast Storage Device for Big Data Transfer

The SSD-based media is ideal for data storage and data exchange of large files especially in the media and entertainment environment. Its high transfer rate of up to 330MB/s ensures fast write and read operations.

Rough Environments

The SSD-based RDX media can be perfectly utilized in a rough outdoor environment. It is even more resistant against drops, dust, heat and humidity as the HDD-based media. So it can be used as an outdoor storage device like in film-sets to store movie sequences and send them from the set to the editing studio or to store scientific data.

Premium Device for high Performance Demands

But not only the media and entertainment industry benefits from the fast RDX media, also all applications which need high data transfer and fast file access can deploy the SSD-based device. Short backup windows and the demand on fast recovery times require fast storage devices as well as transferring large files.

Key Benefits:

  • Rugged and Tough
    Shock and drop protected design ensures durability and reliability. Vibration isolation ensures write /read performance reliability.

  • High Quality
    Designed for business grade applications to backup, archive and store business critical data.

  • Static Protection
    RDX Media are protected against electrostatic discharge events.

  • Easy Handling
    A keyed media is helping users to insert the cartridge correctly. Software controlled media eject ensures backup completion before media is removed

  • High Flexibility
    HDD and SSD Versions fulfill performance requirements, various capacities for all business needs.

  • Optional Security Features
    WORM media for compliance archiving, RansomBlock media for full protection against malware attacks.

  • No Compatibility Issues
    New generation RDX Media works in all drives and older media works in new generation drives. Backward and Forward compatibility allows user to upgrade to higher capacity media without compromise.

  • No cleaning
    No mechanical parts which require cleaning.

  • High duty cycle
    Over 5000 insertions/ejection, 10 years archival life.


Capacity 128GB or 256GB
Transfer Rate Average sustained USB 3.0 -- Up to 260MB/s, SATA III -- Up to 330MB/s
Average access time < 0.5 ms
Supported file systems NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, ex2, ex3, ex4 and Mac OS Extended (HFS Plus)
Media load-/ unload 5,000 insertion/ removal cycles
MTTF 15,000,000
Unrecoverable Error Rate 1 error in 10(15) bits read
Temperature (operating)  
Temperature (non-operating) -40° – 85°C (-40° – 185°F)
Relative Humidity (operating)  
Relative Humidity (non-operating) 8% – 95% (non-condensing)
Maximum Wet Bulb (non-operating) 40°C (104°F)
Vibration (Maximum) 20.0G (non-operating)
Altitude (operating)  
Altitude (non-operating) no limit
Drop Resistance 1.5 m to concrete floor
Archival Environment
Lifetime < 1 year
Temperature not specified
Relative Humidity not specified
Maximum Wet Bulb not specified
Regulatory Agency Approvals UL 60950, CSA C22.2 No. 60950, IEC 60950/ EN60950
EMC FCC 47CFR, part 15, class B, CISPR22, class B, EN55022, class B, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, CISPR24, EN55024, ICES-003, class B, VCCI, CE, C-Tick
Warranty 3-year Advanced Replacement Service
Height 23mm (0.9in.)
Width 87mm (3.4in.)
Length 119mm (4.7in.)
Weight 130g (0.286 lbs)
Positioning HDD Media SSD Media WORM Media
Use Cases Suitable for most storage applications. Premium media for high performanc demands and harsh environments. Backup, restore of large datasets. Speed for use in work-flow or production environments. Regulatory compliance storage device for document management applications, finance, video and voice recording, technical documentation. Ransomware and virus protection forbackup sets.
Backup + ++ -
Archiving + - ++
Data Exchange + ++ +/-
Advantages Affordable
High capacity
Fast data access
High throughput
Meets regulatory requirements or protects against virus and ransomware
Specifications HDD Media SDD Media WORM Media
Capacity 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 3TB, 4TB, 5TB 128GB, 256GB 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
Transfer Rate USB 3.0: up to 120MB/s
SATA III: up to 120MB/s
2x better: USB 3.0: up to 260MB/s
3x better: SATA III: up to 330MB/s
USB 3.0: up to 120MB/s
SATA III: up to 120MB/s
Access Time <15ms 30x better: < 0.5ms <15ms
Compatibility Compatible to all RDX drives
Reliability and Data Integrity
Unrecoverable Error Rate 1 error in 10-14 bits read 10x better: 1 error in 10-15 bits read 1 error in 10-14 bits read
Drop Shock (non-operating) 1m drop to tile over concrete floor 1.5m drop to tile over concrete floor 1m drop to tile over concrete floor
Load/Unload (minimum) 5.000
MTTF 550,000 Hours 25x better: 15,000,000 Hours 550,000 Hours
Environmental (operating)
Temperature 50°F to 104°F
Relative Humidity 20% - 80%, (non - condensing)
Vibration 0,5G
Altitude -50ft to 10,000 ft
Environmental (shipping)
-40°F to 149°F -40°F to 149°F 36°F larger temperature range:
-40°F to 185°F
-40°F to 149°F
Relative Humidity 8% - 90%, (non - condensing) 8% more humidity tolerance:
5% - 95%, (non - condensing)
8% - 90%, (non - condensing)
Maximum Wet Bulb 100°F, (non-condensing) Higher Wet Bulb temperature:
104°F, (non-condensing)
1G 1G 20x better: 20G peak (Cartridge) 1G
Altitude -50ft to 35,000 ft No limit -50ft to 35,000 ft
Archival Environmental
Media Archive Life 10x better: 10 Years Up to 1 year 10x better: 10 Years
Temperature 41°F to 78°F Not specified 41°F to 78°F
Relative Humidity 8% - 90%, (non - condensing) Not specified 8% - 90%, (non - condensing)
Maximum Wet Bulb 77°F, (non - condensing) Not specified 77°F, (non - condensing)
Dimension (HxWxL) 0.9in x 3.4in x 4.7in
Weight 0.364 lbs. - 0.600 lbs.
(HDD dependent)
0.286lbs 0.364 lbs. - 0.600 lbs.
(HDD dependent)
RDX TENCASE Optional, stores up to 10 RDX media in a robust and secure box (part.-no. 1022291)


Download the RDX Media Datasheet (PDF).

Download the RDX Family Flyer (PDF).

Overland Storage Products
RDX Media
SSD Based RDX 256GB
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SSD Based RDX 128GB
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